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Small groups of up to 16 are what we like to book as it is more efficient to make the majority being ecstatic about there journey. Will split a large group into smaller ones but doing something as a large group does do wonders on making all participants very happy.


We however do larger wedding and anniversary groups.


We take great pride in listening to exactly what you would like to see with a proper budget that matches your wishes to create the one of a kind journey to places that very few have encountered.  Those little out of the way place included in your itinerary.


We make sure there is time for you to breath and relax on your journey to visit places and do things that you wish you had more time to do.  Making a flexible schedule to change things up a bit on the way.


For the young, at heart and active adventurers, there are so many things to do and see.  Matching places and activities with one of a kind experiences is one of our favourite things to do.


Hiking through the reserve to see the most northern lighthouse.

Kayaking into the caves to see the glow worms.


Trains are a great way to stay connected and send that facebook post while going from a to b in comfort with no worries of a wrong turn or having to ask directions.

They get you to the center of most cities for you to enjoy and walk through or hop on a bus to get to see the sites instead of trying to get a very expensive parking spot.


Only unpack once but experience several, port of calls.   Make the most of the ports you visit.  Enjoy your time on the ship on those sea days.

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